New Year’s Resolution

In the New Year, don’t forget to keep your feet in tip-top shape while following through with your resolutions to get fit.

Start new workouts gradually— Increase your stamina and the length of your workouts gradually to avoid overuse injuries such as stress fractures or tendon strains and sprains. Stretching your muscles before and after workouts also helps prevent these types of injuries.

Wear the right shoes and socks—Wear well-fitting athletic shoes designed for the exercise or sport. Improper footwear can cause many foot ailments and may lead to injury. Wearing cotton or non-slip socks are also key to help avoid painful blisters, which can become infected and cause more serious issues.

Use good technique— improper exercise techniques can result in injury to the tendons, ligaments, or bones in your feet and ankles. Protect yourself from bacteria—Sweaty shoes, public showers, exercise equipment and the pool deck at the gym are breeding grounds for fungus, viruses and bacteria.

Never go barefoot while in public areas; water shoes can provide a great barrier between your feet and the wet surfaces. It is important to cover cuts and cracks in the skin, since these minor tears in the skin’s surface can act as entry points for bacteria. If you have a cut or scrape that becomes red or swollen and is not healing in a timely manner, don’t hesitate to come into the Foot and Ankle Center in Cape Coral, for an evaluation..

Above all, it’s important to listen to your body. If you experience an injury or pain, call the Foot and Ankle Center in Cape Coral to schedule an appointment.

Arin J. Sheingold, DPM