Do You Have a Painful, Swollen, Bump-Like Appearance on the Back of Your Ankle?

Do you have pain just moving your ankle in different directions? You may have something called ‘Pump Bump’ or “Haglund’s Deformity“.

Haglund’s Deformity can be caused by an excessive bony prominence where your Achilles Tendon inserts into the heel bone, or by having a rigid heel support on your shoe that continuously rubs up and down on the back of your heel bone. Typically, it affects teens and is more prominent in women than in men. This may be due to the fact that women wear heels or raised shoes more often than men.  Sometimes ‘Pump Bumps’ can’t be avoided by simply changing the style of shoe you wear. If you have high arches, you may have your heel bone tilted upward. Unfortunately, if tilted upward the Achilles tendon attachment is exposed to the shoe and other agitating factors. Eventually, the unusual rubbing of the Achilles tendon causes irritation and the body develops a bursa, which can cause heel pain.  At the Foot and Ankle Center in Cape Coral, we can help determine the cause of your potential Pump Bump and help treat the deformity.

We can set up a treatment plan to avoid high-risk Pump Bump shoes and provide prescriptions for anti-inflammatory medications.  Additionally, we can recommend special stretching techniques of the Achilles tendon. If the problem still persists, we can have you measured for a proper fitting orthotics to correct the mechanical problem of the foot. Surgical intervention may be necessary to remove the bone prominence depending on the cause of the bump.


John J. Adler, DPM